Commitment – The essential ingredient?

Striving to achieve and maintain best practice in civil design and construction, the KLM Spatial civil engineering consultancy team combine years of experience with an intelligent creativity.   These talents are being applied daily to overcome challenges on some of Melbourne’s most technically complex land development sites.

Against a background of high expectations from authorities, clients and contractors, the design and supervision of civil works by the KLM Spatial construction team is also underpinned by a clear understanding of long term community needs.

This strong commitment to community values, serves as a guiding light to ensure that every pipe, pavement and pole meets authority standards and exceeds minimum requirements.  It also gives a great comfort to our land development clients who rely on KLM Spatial to deliver intelligent, cost effective solutions.

A key foundation in the KLM Spatial delivery system is commitment.  If design, construction or procedural challenges arise, our civil consultancy team leads the way by maintaining strong communication with all involved parties until a solution is achieved.

Utility Authorities, clients, consultants, contractors and manufacturers of construction materials all have a role to play in the delivery process for civil engineering projects.  By supporting all facets of the project delivery until completion, KLM Spatial engineers have carved a niche in Melbourne’s land development industry with their tenacious persistence to deliver.

Always willing to take on challenging projects, the KLM Spatial civil engineering team regularly respond to project challenges with an innovative solution that is resolutely negotiated, managed and brought to a successful completion.

Give our friendly team a call today if your Melbourne Subdivision site involves any of these characteristics;

  • difficult site conditions
  • unusual groundwater conditions
  • awkward topography
  • deep sewers and drains
  • overland flood paths
  • distant utility services

You will be surprised what we can do for you.