Electrify your Subdivison

Delivering a subdivision project on time and budget requires careful co-ordination of utility service providers.  Electricity supply is currently one of the big timing challenges facing Victorian land developers.

Here are a few wise words from our Civil Construction team, to avoid a “short circuit” in your electricity supply chain:

Electricity supply to a subdivision site is currently the most likely item to hold up a subdivision “Statement of Compliance” or “SOC”.

Several options exist for this infrastructure delivery:

Design by authority; Construct by authority

This option has a guaranteed design approval but will typically take up to 3 months to obtain.  It requires upfront payment for both design and construction components.  Your project may also wait up to 9 months for construction.  This is also problematic because all other subdivision works need to be aligned with this one asset installation time-slot.  Also, issues around “outages” taking precedence for authority crews can create further timing issues.  The good news is that electrical audits likely to pass first time.

Design by authority; Construct by private accredited contractor

Guaranteed approval of design but you must pay upfront for design.  This gives you more flexibility regarding installation (time, cost etc.) but a longer auditing process for compliance.   Also, construction payments are typically made to contractors at end of project.

Design by private accredited contractor; Construct by authority

More flexibility (time) to prepare design is offset by a longer approval process.  Design may require revisions. Delays due to construction by authority as mentioned above.  Audits are likely to pass first time. Payment may be required up to 9 months ahead of time.

Design by private accredited contractor; Construct by private accredited contractor

This option affords you the greatest flexibility in time and cost + cash flow. Challenges with approvals and audits and compliance need to be managed.

Final thought;

In most cases once the challenges of design, installation and auditing are complete, you still need  allow time within your delivery program for the “tie in works” to occur – generally another 4 weeks after final audit passes.

Only then will you achieve your SOC goal.

Which is the best solution for your project?  For detailed guidance on all aspect of subdivision construction, just call the Civil Construction Manager at KLM Spatial, you’ll be surprised what we can do for you.