Civil Works for Healthcare Services

Delivery of any civil engineering project relies on 3 critical components :  good design, good execution and good communication.  Even a smaller scale project will involve managing a wide range of expectations from clients, authorities, tenants, professionals, contractors and the general public. 

Success in managing these relationships will be measured long after the works are complete, with good efforts rewarded by positive feedback, repeat business and a deeper understanding of the requirements for all contributors to future projects.

Attributes of good design and execution will also be measured for many years after the works are complete.  The use and enjoyment of a good design often goes unnoticed, but a poor design will cause frustration for years if not decades to come.

Core values of  good design, execution and communication were recently exhibited by the KLM Spatial Civil Engineering team with the delivery of a new carpark for the Knox Community Healthcare service.  

In response to site constraints such as steep slopes, existing utility services and heritage listed trees, the creative design employs split level retaining walls, garden beds and complex pavemement shapes.   Importantly the design achieves disability access to Australian Standards, a key design criteria. 

By carefully managing the delivery of construction works on time and budget, with the minimum disruption to carpark tenants, the project communications ensured a great result for all parties involved.

If you need good design, execution and communications for your next civil construction project, contact the responsive team at KLM Spatial.

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