Civil Engineering for Industry

Development of industrial land has become an important niche market for the civil engineering team at KLM Spatial.

By honing our design and delivery skills to optimise development returns, our team is literally helping our clients to lift their projects out of the ground.

Industrial land presents unique challenges to the civil designer with extremely flat gradients, long haul infrastructure and plenty of stormwater runoff to consider.

Couple these issues with stringent planning controls,  up-sized transportation requirements, pre-existing constraints for floodway mangement and you are going to need a specialist.

klms-civil-industrial-1 The KLM Spatial  Civil Construction team also invests a huge effort into civil construction management, keeping a close eye on project bugdgets, timeline and quality of work.

For your next industrial project, call the Civil Engineering team at KLM Spatial.

You will be surprised what we can do for you.