Selecting a Development Site

Over the years we have noticed two phenomena which are converging to affect the opportunies for property development. 

Firstly, the depth of “red tape”is growing every year with the introduction of more robust environmental protections, more comprehensive planning policies and higher levels of “user pays” philosophy in utility service companies. 

Secondly, the number of “ideal” sites  available for development around Melbourne appears to be shrinking, leaving a larger proportion of “problem sites” available to the Land Development market.

This convergence means that land developers must really do their homework to analyse site constraints and opportunities.  A well-researched development feasibility relies upon a good understanding of the cost (in both time and dollars) to work through all the constraints of a specific site.

To assist you in this process, KLM Spatial has developed a free  “Pre-Purchase Checklist” for you to download.

The checklist  is a good starting point for analysing a site before engaging consultants to undertake a full “due dilligence” investigation.  It will also highlight some of the key technical support you may need to make fully informed decisions.

For a deeper understanding of site selection,  just contact the friendly team at KLM Spatial.

You’ll be surprised what we can do for you.