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Frankston Planning Initiatives

 Future development growth in the City of Frankston is being supported by a revolution in the City’s Town Planning department.  Planning and Building Manager Matthew Cripps is leading the charge to cater for growth by improving both internal delivery systems and broader engagement with the development community. Developers, consultants and builders were Continue Reading

New Residential Zones – One step closer

Victorian Planning Authority DPCD  has released a government response on the much awaited reform of residential zones. In a document titled “State Government response to the recommendations of  the Reformed Zones”,  21 recommendations of the Ministerial Advisory Committee are assessed. In summary, the State Government  response has; Agreed with 9  of the 21 Continue Reading

Planning approvals for the health sector

Population growth in outer suburban areas, ageing baby boomers, spiking birth rates, and an overall increasing demand for a range of health services are providing many opportunities for investment and innovation in the healthcare and retirement sectors of the economy. KLM Spatial has represented many healthcare businesses to successfully achieve Continue Reading