VicSmart – Planning Permit in 10 Days

Victoria has now implemented a system of fast decisions for simple planning applications.

This welcome addition to the planning schemes of all Victorian municipalities has been under development for several years (see our old article from  June 2012).

Eligibility rules will apply to ensure that “straight forward” applications can be processed in a rapid manner.

A key plank of the new process is to engage in a pre-lodgement meeting with council officers.

The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that all required information is packaged within the application.

Eligible applications do not require advertising and may be decided by council CEO (or delegation) without going to a full council meeting.

Vicsmart publications issued in June 2014 claim that a Vicsmart Application will be approved or refused within 10 business days.


To check if your next project fits the Vicsmart eleigibility criteria, please contact the friendly KLM Spatial Town Planning department.

You will be surprised what we can do for you.