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Civil Engineering

Planning Phase Services

KLM Spatial prides itself on combining the knowledge of complementary disciplines in creating development plans that are efficient, practical, and able to be delivered on the ground.

Our Project Engineering team provides technical support and advice at the planning and development proposal phase, to ensure engineering challenges are considered and addressed at conception, when there is most opportunity to influence critical project outcomes. The aim of this service is to avoid nasty surprises when the project is in full momentum.

Our typical service includes briefing sub-consultants such as geotechnical, electrical, telecommunications, hydrological and structural engineering specialists as required to ensure a co-ordinated technical outcome that minimises uncertainty around engineering issues.

We also draw on a significant volume of industry-relevant costing information from our construction phase service to provide Preliminary Opinions of Probable Cost that can help to make informed decisions around staging, cash flow and financing early in the project.

Civil Design

One of the foundations of KLM Spatial’s business has always been to provide civil engineering design to unlock the potential of a development site for access, drainage and essential services.

Our team holds the necessary experience and accreditation to undertake design for municipal road and drainage, VicRoads road and drainage, MRWA and regional water authority assets, Melbourne Water regional drainage infrastructure, wetlands, pump stations, AS3500 plumbing code works and a range of other site specific design solutions.

Project Administration

Navigating a project through the many regulatory procedures imposed by third parties in the public sector and service authorities is an increasingly complex task. KLM Spatial’s project administration service is set up to guide our clients through this aspect of the project, monitoring the necessary applications, agreements, deeds, fees, bonds, levies, and reimbursements that may apply to the project. This is an important task that if overlooked, can cause delay and cost to the project. Our skill, experience, and established relationships with authority personnel can help streamline the process for our clients.

Construction Phase Services

KLM Spatial provides specialised contract administration staff to undertake scheduling, tendering, contract preparation, works inspections, water authority audit regimes, assessment of claims and end of defects liability period procedures to ensure site works are managed in a professional and effective manner. We have strong relationships with many of the civil contractors in the industry to ensure site issues are resolved efficiently when they arise.