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Planning Applications

KLM Spatial is experienced in navigating the complexities of the planning system to ensure the right approvals are obtained in the most efficient and timely manner. Our breadth of experience extends into facilitating planning applications for all types of land use, development and subdivision proposals. Our long-standing relationships with Local and State authorities ensure we understand all relevant local issues and can navigate the most efficient approval pathway.

Our point of difference in this realm is our multi-disciplinary approach which enables us to provide a collaborative approach throughout the application process.

Planning Due Diligence and Feasibility Reviews

KLM Spatial provides comprehensive and practical due diligence, feasibility and detailed property planning reports. These reports can be invaluable to identify planning and other general development related issues and costs for your property and, more importantly, how these issues can be overcome. We understand the risks associated with land development and seek to offer mitigation measures to reduce these risks.

Being part of a multi-disciplinary practice enables us to provide highest and best use feasibility reviews for land and specific proposals. We assess the land use development potential by identifying the opportunities and obstacles which could affect the desired outcome.

Appeals representation and advocacy

Whether you have had your application refused by Council, are dissatisfied with some of the conditions on your planning permit or you are an objector to a development proposal (Third Party Representation), KLM Spatial can assist. We have extensive knowledge of the appeal process and the confusing legal framework which applies to it. If you are unsure what your prospects are in winning an appeal, we would be pleased to help you better understand your options.

Strategic Planning

KLM Spatial has the in-house skills and experience in facilitating the preparation and implementation of Structure Plans and Development Plans as well as identifying the technical framework to enact these documents. We have experience in representation at Panels as well as liaising with Local and State authorities.

Urban Design and Master Planning

KLM Spatial has extensive experience in the preparation of Structure and Development Plans, Master Planning, Subdivision Design and Urban Design Frameworks. This is complemented by our multi-disciplinary practice which ensures that the plans we create can be delivered; a fundamental point of difference for our service offerings and significant value add.