Casey Housing Strategy – Planning Scheme Amendment C198

A new Planning Scheme amendment which affects many of our valued clients in the South Eastern Growth corridor is on Public Exhibition until 12 December.

The proposed amendment seeks to instil a strategic planning framework that enables Council to:

  • Guide residential development to address future housing needs and the aspirations of the community over the next 20 years.
  • Strengthen current local planning policies and controls.
  • Provide direction for future housing in Casey, in line with the State Government’s new residential zones and the Metropolitan Planning Strategy Plan Melbourne. 
  • Direct appropriate development to areas that are within close proximity to shops, services and public transport. 
  • Strategically apply the new suite of residential zones to land in the existing General Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone and Low Density Residential Zone.

Scheme documents are available for review here : Casey Housing Strategy – Planning Scheme Amendment C198

The Housing Strategy is to be included as an incorporated document within the Casey Planning Scheme.  It essentially has the potential to impact a developer’s ability to achieve an economic return on their land in future.

KLM Spatial planners are currently preparing submissions for affected developers, to give voice to their concerns.

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