Cadastre 2034 – A Surveyors Perspective

The Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping, ICSM, recently released the strategy document “Cadastre 2034 – Powering Land and Real Property.

 In broad terms the Cadastre is often viewed simplistically as a plan or map of existing land parcels. Land professionals interpret it as so much more and view the registers of ownership, easement rights, restrictions and other responsibilities as integral parts. Increasingly other data is being linked to the spatial reference that the ‘Mapbase’ of land parcels provides, the ICSM strategy proposes a vision of what the community will require of its cadastral system by 2034.


Melbournes Subdivision FutureThe consultation document identifies that $1.3 trillion of mortgages were secured against land titles and estimates that the total value of all real property held in titles in Australia as $4.7 trillion. This is more than three times the size of the Australian economy measured at $1.5 trillion per annum in 2013. These figures capably demonstrate the value of the cadastral system to the Australian economy, however it is the cadastral survey and land registration systems that allow people, businesses and governments to leverage and manage this huge national asset base of $4.7 trillion.


The strategy recognises that the better the information landowners, investors and land managers have, the better use they can make of this fundamental asset to develop new products and services from land. If our annual return on investment could be improved by a relatively modest 0.1 percent, there could be an annual benefit to the economy of $4.7 billion.


All this demonstrates how critical the cadastral infrastructure is to the economy and with so much at stake it is understandable why governments regulate and monitor the system so closely. Every single boundary represented by the cadastre relies on the expertise and professionalism of Licensed Surveyors and their ability to negotiate the complex regulatory framework surrounding subdivision and title boundary definition.


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