New Planning Zones for Victoria

As of the 1 July 2013 the Victorian planning system will see new changes to the residential and commercial zones. 

It is hoped that the reformed residential zones will give a clearer direction, greater certainty and protection to local neighbourhoods where necessary whilst encouraging urban consolidation in and around activity centres and other areas identified for change. 

The residential zone reform will see three new planning zones; Neighbourhood Residential Zone, the General Residential Zone and the Residential Growth Zone.  The Neighbourhood Residential Zone aims to protect against inappropriate development, whilst the Residential Growth Zone will identify areas that can accommodate growth and built form change.

The two new commercial zones replace five existing business zones.  The new commercial zones will remove floor space caps for shops and offices and will broaden the range of activities that land can be used for without the need for a planning permit.

Industrial zone reform will enable new areas for supermarkets of up to 1,800 square metres.  They will also allow convenience shops in Industrial 3 land as well as allowing individual Councils to specify floor space limits for offices.

 If you would like further details on how you may be affected by the reform, please feel free to give our Town Planning Department a call.