Turning coal into diamonds

All of the KLM Spatial subdivision specialists were activated to facilitate the restoration of a Hallam quarry site into a top class technology park.  Leighton Properties, in a strategic joint venture commissioned KLM Spatial to manage survey, engineering design and civil construction management for the project.  Unique challenges of the site included topography which required aerial mapping, hydrographic surveys, massive earth-moving and monitoring of the completed works.  The completed park now contains 17 new business premises with more on the way. Introduction of a beautifully landscaped drainage feature was another example of the KLM Spatial aspirations to turn problem areas into community assets.  Land development intelligence at its best.

Precise Machine Alignment 

KLM Spatial has a unique history for providing specialized surveying solutions to Melbourne’s manufacturing sector.  From Esso Gas plants to paper mills to glass production, our Machine Alignment teams have provided flexible solutions to all manner of measurement challenges for several decades.  Call us before your next shutdown.  You will be surprised what we can do. 

Surveying Outback South Australia 

KLM Spatial has built a strong reputation for delivery of both challenging and remote project work.  Combining the skills of the civil design and survey group, the  re-construction of outback roads, airstrips and remote community infrastructure provides a unique experience to the KLM Spatial team.  Innovative problem solving and strong self reliance is the byproduct of these projects.  This translates into a well rounded co-operative team for your next project.

Civil Engineering Challenges

Some of Melbourne’s most innovative civil design solutions have been crafted, refined, managed and delivered by the KLM Spatial Civil Engineering group.  Undaunted by phrases like “its never been done that way before” we like to push the boundaries of what is possible, cost effective and reliable.  Our innovative design and construction solutions regularly “test the waters” to improve project budgets.