Planning & Subdivision Fees to Change in Victoria

As of October 13 2016, Planning and Subdivision Application Fees will be adjusted in Victoria. 

The new fees are indexed to Monetary Units in legislation for both Planning and Environment and Subdivision Acts, which may enable more frequent review and ongoing adjustment.

Some simple application fees such as a Planning Permit for boundary re-alignment subdivision are now increased from $386 to $1240.70, a price increase of 321%

On the other hand, a Certification Application for a 50 lot subdivision is reduced from $1100 to $165, a price drop of 85%.

It is anticipated that the net result of this change is a greater revenue stream into local council coffers.

If the additional revenue can be contained within council planning departments, this fee structure should assist in providing resources for assessment of applications. 

At a time when pressure on council resources is growing due to accelerated development across the state, your consultancy team at KLM Spatial will be lobbying councils to achieve this outcome.

For further information on Subdivision costs under the new fee structure,  contact the friendly team at KLM Spatial.

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