2 Years in the making

This week a new SUBDIVISION ACT USERS GUIDE has been released by the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD).  The guide, which updates a 1989 publication, will provide greater clarity on a range of matters to assist Councils, Referral Authorities, Town Planners, Surveyors and Applicants. 

Procedures and responsibilities under Victorian Planning and Subdivision Legislation are identified in the 49 page document, available online at the DPCD website. 

The need for a guide grew from concerns raised by the Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria (ACSV) members about inconsistent interpretations and application of the legislation. 

A range of key contributors from ACSV, Municipal Councils, Land Victoria and DPCD staff have spent over 2 years preparing the comprehensive publication.

Senior Licensed Surveyor Phil Dingeldei at KLM Spatial has welcomed the publication, stating that it will be a useful resource for all councils and practitioners, with the potential to provide consistent procedures and subdivision decisions across all Victorian municipalities.