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Cadastre 2034 – A Surveyors Perspective

The Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping, ICSM, recently released the strategy document “Cadastre 2034 – Powering Land and Real Property.”  In broad terms the Cadastre is often viewed simplistically as a plan or map of existing land parcels. Land professionals interpret it as so much more and view the Continue Reading

Birds Eye Surveying – UAV

Unmanned Aerial vehicles commonly known as “UAVs” have lately made headlines for all the wrong reasons.  A recent example was an unfortunate athlete who sustained head injuries from a UAV which fell from the sky. These incidents are thankfully rare, given the number of UAV’s which take to the sky Continue Reading

RMIT Surveyors in good shape

At the invitation of the Institution of Surveyors Victoria, senior KLM Spatial staff recently participated in an assessment panel for a presentation of  Major Projects, by RMIT  University Final Year Geospatial Science students.  The panel, comprising academic staff, industry professionals, public authority officers and hi-tech equipment specialists featured a strong contingent of Continue Reading

Lynbrook Estate – How to create a suburb

A KLM Spatial project manager was recently asked at a business conference; “What does your company do?”  The answer;  “…well, we basically help our clients to take those blank white squares in the street directory and fill them with home sites, roads, parks,  shopping centres and industries….”  Nowhere is this more evident than Continue Reading

KLM Spatial – Remote Laser Scanning Leaders

Recently KLM Spatial survey specialists were engaged by Knauf Plaster Boards to accurately determine the volume of Gypsum at their Victorian  Altona North plant.  To complete this task safely, efficiently and accurately KLM Spatial surveyors engaged the latest scanning technology.  A scan of the stockpiles was completed in 6 hours Continue Reading