Timing for Melbourne Subdivisions

Many KLM Spatial clients ask us for advice on timing for a subdivision process.  The answers to their questions rely upon several factors.  Whilst the usual objective is to achieve registered salable titles in the shortest possible timeframe,  there are other cycles in play which can affect your decision making.

To support the high standard of living that Victorians have come to expect, our land development process has many layers of requirements which take time to negotiate.  After participating in the industry for over 25 years, we observe that todays rules are more complex than yesterdays, which in turn will be simpler than tomorrows. 

The message here is to start your planning early and to do it well.  The lead time for project delivery ranges from months to years, so it is never too early to start.

Efficient navigation through the Victorian planning process for subdivision relies upon councils and authorities having a complete understanding of your objectives.  Much can be done by your development consultants to present and monitor your applications correctly to minimize the effects of  prcedural delays.

The market cycle also has a measurable effect.  If lot sales rates are high, you may have already missed the boat.  If lot sales are low, you have a perfect opportunity to work through planning investigations, urban designs, site mapping, consultant reports, permit applications, civil designs and authority approvals to get your project ready to “switch on” as the market dictates.

With vigilant maintenance of timing triggers by your land development consultants, Planning Permits can be valid for up to 5 years and extended beyond this period, with council consent.

What about the Melbourne weather ? Yes, even weather has an impact.  Our wettest months are traditionally September and October, so if your subdivision requires civil works or building construction, delays and development costs can be minimised by considering the climate.

Contractural arrangements for land purchase and sale can also be leveraged to minimise your holding costs.  Incorporating timing triggers into your contracts for Permits and Authority consents can “buy you time” if implemented correctly.

For further information on planning your next Melbourne subdivision project, contact the friendly team at KLM Spatial.  You will be surprised what we can do for you.